Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Being at home means that my life currently revolves around the television. I’m not always watching it, but I do almost always have it on. We don’t have good radio reception here, and I now seem to only like listening to CD’s in the car once we are out of my London radio station broadcasting area. I need the background noise for company or I think I would probably go insane, as Oliver, Piper and Piglet don’t exactly talk back to me.

So the day goes like this – if we are up before 9, it’s BBC Breakfast or I put on some colourful kids show for Oliver to look at to pass some time. We usually aren’t up before 9 though. So at 9 it’s The Wright Stuff (I like Matthew Wright). And we move on as follows: Oprah (they just moved it to the mornings from the afternoon, annoyingly) or Entertainment Tonight, This Morning, lunchtime news on various channels, Taste, old ER, Ready Steady Cook, The Paul O’Grady Show (even though I kind of hate it) – and then the day is over, the 6 o’clock news is on, and Mark comes home.

But then the evenings lately are too good to miss. For some reason, all the good tv shows are on at 10pm right now (almost all) and normally here in the UK they kind of stagger showing them, and start them at weird times of the year. But almost every night I’ve got compelling viewing at 10pm – Lost, Desperate Housewives, ER (although kind of crappy this year), House (9pm), and Grey’s Anatomy (although I am struggling to get into it – but Sam told me I have to give it a chance as it will get really good, it’s only just started). And now, it’s Big Brother time again in the UK – which means weeks and weeks of tv that I don’t want to watch but somehow I will. I can’t do the live feed though, I have to only watch the highlights show or it’s way too much.

God this is sad. I used to think I was a homebody but I really need to get out of the house more! I hate being here all day. But Oprah and another cup of coffee calls (even if she is 3 months out of date). So I better go.

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  1. geepeemum Says:

    Hi. Did I once read on your blog that a Taco Bell is due to open in Watford sometime this year? (if I have got the wrong person that this will seem very random!) Do you know anything more about that?

  2. emmainlondon Says:

    I totally forgot about that! I was craving it during pregnancy and found someone had posted on some blog that they were trying to open one in Watford in 2006. I will need to do some more investigating but I don’t have a lot of hope. At least a trip to Canada in 6 weeks’ time will allow a run for the border…

  3. geepeemum Says:

    I’ve been so waiting for it to happen. I can’t forsee a trip to the States for a couple of years. I need Tex Mex food before that!

  4. Sandy Says:

    Well Em I’m so happy to see you like all the tv shows that I do, Lost, Desperate Housewives, ER, House and of course Greys Anatomy. I wouldn’t miss that one for the best gourmet dinner restaurant in town! They have just had their season finales over here and I am feeling quite berift. Have you seen “Invasion” thats another great one, Surface got cancelled but I really enjoyed that too. Bones was good and 24 a blood pressure riser! Mum Kerr

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