Thursday, May 18, 2006

I randomly just signed up for MySpace and suddenly found these people from high school and started reading their profiles. And found someone I did a class with in grade 13 is using the lovely woman who made my wedding invitations to do her wedding favours. How random. On the Uncommon Bride website, you can see our wedding invites.

So then for some reason I thought I should google myself. As my name is there on the invite. And oh boy look what I found!

They used to call me Craig. Now they call me the blonde bombshell . . .
LORRY driver Emma Bowman is a little bit different from your average trucker.

It’s unusual to find a woman in front of 30 tonnes of cargo, hurtling down the M1 at 55mph.And it’s even more unusual to find a woman trucker who used to be a man!Emma Bowman, aged 35, from Rotherham, has finally found happiness after finding herself trapped inside a man’s body for much of her adult life.The blonde trucker now spends her days happily travelling the length and breadth of the country, attracting wolf whistles and friendly waves.It took many years of confusion and a failed marriage to convince Dinnington-born ex-miner Craig that he should in fact be Emma.But now the chatty transsexual is well on the way to what will be a £25,000 transformation into a woman. Already she has undergone hormone treatment, a nose job, facial implants and breast implants at Rotherham’s Birkdale Clinic.A chin implant is on the way, along with a final operation to transform Craig, a miner who worked underground at Shirebrook colliery, Notts, into Emma.But the costs have not simply been financial. Emma has endured years of heartache, confusion and grief as she and her family tried to come to terms with the transformation.The price she has paid has been the highest with her family – with only her dad, Alistair, still talking to her. Her mum and brother have disowned her – which she is finding tough to come to terms with.”I think I first realised I was a transsexual at just five-years-old,” said Emma, who lives in Goldthorpe.”I got married when I was 23 and had a beautiful daughter. Unfortunately we were divorced after just seven years but I met another woman who I lived with for three years.”When this relationship also came to an end I felt very hurt and confused and couldn’t understand why women could keep being so cruel to me. I realised that it was probably something to do with my condition, which I had never told anybody about, that was not allowing me to open up and be myself.”I went to see my GP but she was very unsympathetic. She put me on a waiting list to go to a gender clinic in Rotherham but two-and-a-half years later I am still waiting for an appointment.”I decided to look on the internet and buy some female hormones to try and make the transition happen myself. I took these hormones for about a year until I realised I had to get professional help.”Emma saw a psychiatrist who specialised in gender issues and was prescribed hormone treatments in the correct dosages and now attends the clinic every three months to have blood tests to measure her hormone levels.She said: “It has been two years since I started the transition and it feels fantastic to finally be able to live how I want to. As who I am.”My best friend has been incredibly supportive, although he would not believe me at first until I went round to his house dressed up as Emma!”When he saw me dressed like that he realised I was serious and was impressed how long I had felt like this and how determined I was to change.”Emma says life as a woman is ten times better than being a man, although she still feels a little confused sometimes and yearns for a long-term steady relationship.”Women have much more power than blokes! Now I’m beginning to feel what it’s like to have the upper hand. People have said I look gorgeous and that’s great, but I just want to fit in and have people accept me for what I am.”I also want to help others in my position and also try to break down barriers with people who may have reservations and say ‘I am a normal person, not a pervert or something’.”Emma stands at 5ft 8in, slips into a very feminine size 10 or 12 dress size and wears size 8 shoes.”I’m lucky in that I’m not too big, but I needed the work on my face to make it real. It’s like a jigsaw and every piece has to fit to make it right.”Emma now works as a trucker for Grampian County Foods, in Thorne. Only last week, she received national recognition after police praised her for helping to avert a motorway tragedy.Emma risked her life when she saw an articulated lorry swerving repeatedly across two lanes of a crowded motorway. She chased the truck, sped past and then cut across its path to bring it to a halt on the hard shoulder.Emma added: “People now call me the blonde bombshell truck driver! The change is remarkable. I feel so much more confident and comfortable in my body than before. “I have also started attracting attention from men which I love.”

09 May 2005
Sheffield Today News

Oh my god!! It’s not me, I swear. Well of course it isn’t, she’s a size 10. That is so hilarious. I need to meet her.

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