Thursday, May 18, 2006

Found out this morning that Oliver has a new second cousin! My cousin Peter and his wife Mary Joy, who live in Baltimore in the States, are adopting a baby boy from Korea who was born on 31st March. They’ve named him Nicholas Ji-hun, first name after our Uncle Nick. They get to bring him home in a few months time, so I hope that we’ll be able to see them soon after that. It’s great for my grandparents too – they get to be great-grandparents to two little boys now! And kind of cool as our family already has a connection with Korea, as me and my family lived in Seoul for 2 years when I was little. So that’s very exciting. He looks so peaceful!

How insane and stupid is this? Your kid finally sleeps through the night. Well, almost – he’s actually going a bit less than he was a few weeks ago. He’s generally down from 9ish to 5 or 6am ish, then I put him back to sleep, then he has a quick feed around 7:30am, then goes back to sleep, then we get up just before 9.

So anyway, as I was saying, your kid finally sleeps even almost through the night. But what do you do? You wake up in the night, convince yourself that he must be dead as he is so quiet on the baby monitor, despite the fact he hasn’t woken up at 2am or 4am for weeks and so this is completely normal for him to be completely quiet at this time. But he could be – Mark put him to sleep last night, what if he accidentally put him too near a stuffed animal. Or what if he gets overheated. And so your mind races. Until you finally hear a snuffle or a sigh. And eventually you go back to sleep. Press repeat – this happens almost every night. And I know how silly it is.

I’m never going to get a proper night’s sleep again, am I???

4 Responses to “”

  1. Margery Says:

    Emma, do you know how many times I worried over the same things at night, with you and your brother when you were babies, while your father slept soundly – too many times to count!

  2. Margery Says:

    We are all so happy to be welcoming another baby to our family this year and we are all looking forward to seeing Nicholas when he arrives in a few months time.

  3. jamie Says:

    Short answer? No. You will never sleep again.

  4. Lisa Says:

    Ohhh Nicholas is so gorgeous! What a precious little bundle. Many congrats to your cousins!

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