Tuesday, May 23, 2006

So is there any truth in the news that I heard today that I should not be giving Oliver parsnips because they cause bad tummies in babies and possibly colic? ‘Cause he’s loving the parsnip. He’s not reacted so positively to a vegetable yet! Me, I don’t like them despite my best efforts, not even roasted with maple syrup.

Our post-natal group sort of bonded at the last minute and decided to continue getting together – so most of us met up today at a pub near a reservoir to go for a walk. But it started raining so we ended up inside with coffees and cakes. With six babies we ended up with 2 pushchairs, 2 car seats and one lap sitter. And then two more mums came in with two more pushchairs, and then also a dad with a baby in a backpack. And this place has no highchairs and no baby changing tables and it’s pretty small! Oh well, they make good cake.

I went to the clinic afterwards as my ride was going there as well, and got him weighed for the first time in a while. He’s just shy of 17 pounds and seems to be following the 50th percentile line now, after starting on the 9th. Saw my health visitor again too, which was nice – she’s so good, despite probably having a huge caseload – she always remembers what’s going on with us.

Busy week actually as Thursday him and I are going into London to visit my work colleagues all day – we will go in fairly early with Mark and then we have dates for breakfast and lunch in different parts of Westminster. Then Friday the three of us are going to France for the weekend.

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  1. Lisa Says:

    I have never heard of parsnips being bad! Jack’s perfectly fine with them and I can’t see how they could be different than any other root veg. That’s an odd one, for sure.

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