Tuesday, June 6, 2006


  • The best thing about having nice warm weather is that I can deplete the giant pile of never-ending laundry that has haunted us for months simply by drying it all outside on the line. I can see the floor in our bedroom!
  • We are having excellent weather this week, going up to the high 20’s this weekend. Which likely means this is my summer! And then it will be over. Welcome to Britain. Oh well, I have a pretty good farmer’s tan going already from my Paris burn.
  • Can someone explain to me why moving to a farm in the country side, full of fresh cut grass and all sorts of plants and trees, seems to have eradicated my terrible allergies? Can one only have allergies when living in an urban area?
  • Ebay is a funny thing. When they recently had a reduced selling fee day, I listed a bunch of baby stuff I wanted to get rid of that I thought might sell. As an afterthought, I added the table number/menu holders from the wedding (which are actually wire photo holders from Ikea). The baby stuff is apparently not very interesting. I am, however, going to make a massive profit on the photo holders!! The problem, of course, with selling, is that I am spending a lot of time and there and I end up shopping. Only for Oliver, at least.
  • We bought a cheap little BBQ from Sainsburys last night as I am missing our old BBQ. At the old house, before I was around, Mark constructed a monstrosity of a brick BBQ that had enough room to cook about 50 steaks at once. Okay it was too big, but it was great, and he usually cooked with bits of wood for that campfire touch. This time, we’ve got about enough room for 5 steaks and we are going to be cooking with charcoal, but this good weather has got me in the mood for some charring of meat and veg.
  • This weekend, we are going to stay in Belper in Derbyshire to see my family from New Zealand (my dad’s brother’s family) including one cousin, Melanie, that I haven’t seen for over 20 years. They are having a party at the cottages they are staying at, and I am really looking forward to it – sort of a mini family reunion except missing out my immediate family in Canada and more family in Newcastle.

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  1. Gabby Says:

    Hi, thanks for visiting my blog – as you can probably tell we’re kind of busy with packing for the big move, but if you want to pick our brains over anything let me know – the email’s is in my Blogger profile!

    When I get a chance I’ll have a read of your blog too! Cheers!

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