Friday, June 9, 2006

It’s gone very very hot here and it’s going to get worse. And it makes Oliver not himself – he’s not eating very much, I think just because milk probably doesn’t taste that great when you really want a cold beer. Ha ha. I have tried to get some water in him but he’s never really liked it that much. I’m keeping him just in his nappy or in a short-sleeve body suit most of the time. Last night he slept just in his nappy with his summer-weight sleeping bag (like a cotton sheet except constructed so he can’t kick it off). We also got a little fan for his room that probably isn’t doing too much but it makes me feel better. I need to get Mark to set up our paddling pool so we can cool down. Am I allowed that in a hose-pipe ban/drought order area?

Yesterday we finally visited my work and met lots of colleagues who cooed over him. We had breakfast in the canteen, then Oliver hung out with the Family Learning staff while I had a meeting (and you can find out the results of this meeting here!), and then we went to lunch at an interesting little Italian place in Maida Vale. It was decorated with Madonna and Marilyn Monroe and naked ladies which of course I shielded his eyes from. And good god it was hot and sticky in the city.

Mark came and got us and we all went to Hammersmith. After a brief bit of shopping, Mark went back to the train depot there and Oliver and I met Anne after her art class who treated us to (iced) coffee and cake. It was nice to be back in the city after a 6 month break and I think we’ll try to go back more often. There were lots of other work colleagues we didn’t get to see, including Rubina going on mat leave next month, so I hope we’ll be back down there soon.

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