Friday, June 16, 2006

If anyone ever captures me, ties me up, holds me for ransom, or whatever, and they want to torture me until I spill something or give them all my wordly possessions, all they will have to do is play a tape of the screaming that I have been putting up with for the past 2 days and they will have what they want and more.

I swear, I am about to chuck him or me out the window. So Mark has taken him out and I have a quiet house for a brief few moments. I can’t do anything to stop it and it’s gotten so much worse since the last screaming bout. Teething gel, teething rings, food, milk, water – nothing can stop it. Except occasionally a game of ‘Where’s Oliver’ (e.g. smothered under a blanket) or Piper wagging her tail in his face.

I would record it and include it as a sound clip on here, but then I would be responsible for bursting the ear drums of those who visit, and that wouldn’t be very nice.

I’m beginning to understand how people can shake babies. Please note I am not about to shake my baby, except of course for the giggle-inducing shaking that occurs on knees and on changing table which does not cause brain damage even though he likes it pretty rough.

In better news, we are moving on to mushy chunks of food from completely blenderised mush. He’s nibbled some of my toast, some omelette from a pub the other day (probably full of salt but whatever) and here he even fed himself some overripened peach:

Better go. Not sure how much longer the quiet will last. Should be cleaning up and bringing in laundry but I can do that when he goes to bed so I should enjoy the break for once.

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