Thursday, June 22, 2006

I’ve got Canada on the brain (yes I do try to retain and celebrate my national identity in this country, but it’s not always on my brain).

  1. Mark’s permanent resident visa is done and dusted. Approved without needing an interview so no Green Card scenario happening here. He’s actually gone to the High Commission today with his passport to get it inserted. Now we just wait for Oliver’s citizenship and it looks like our plans to move in the autumn are on track.
  2. Instead of our normal London celebrations for Canada Day (the cake and free booze at Canada House + the street party on Maiden Lane in Covent Garden), this year there is a big festival in Trafalgar Square! Only catch is it’s on 30th June and not the proper day (there’s a Pride Festival there that day). Canada Day in London will be broadcast during the 1st July coverage from Ottawa so you canucks look out for us. There’s street hockey, live music and stalls, sponsored by big companies (thanks Dad for the RBC contribution, I am sure you are behind it). We even get to see Ron Sexsmith for free! I just gotta find my maple leaf face decal thingys now. I was asked (like other Network Canada members) to be an ambassador on the day but I’d prefer to enjoy it with Oliver and Mark instead.
  3. I’d probably be a better ambassador for Canada than Richard from Big Brother however. I don’t think he’s doing much for the UK viewing publics’ views on us! I didn’t like him when he first went in, in fact I was embarrassed. Then I started liking him as he took the father figure role and sorted things out between people. And now he’s just boring and annoying the rest of them. And he talks funny. Probably like I sound sometimes to you folks at home. Not sure how long he’s been in the UK though. Oh wait, I found this. Actually, after reading that, I might like him a little better. But that’s the way with Big Brother – I change my mind on who’s most annoying the whole time.
  4. And to sum up the Canadiana, of course in like 10 days I am going home for the first time in 2 years. Despite the fact I am dreading the 7 or 8 hour flight on my own with Oliver, I’m looking forward to going. No, not just for the Taco Bell and grandma food. There’s lots of new babies of friends to meet, lots of catching up to do that doesn’t happen so well on email, and a weekend visit to Ottawa which always makes me happy.

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