Saturday, July 1, 2006

(The he-doesn’t-know-he’s-half-Canadian-baby whose bodysuit and socks bedecked with the mighty flag caused a great fuss amongst other Canadians who loved the look)

I was pretty impressed with yesterday’s Canada Day in Trafalgar Square. (Did I mention it had to be one day early due to the Pride Parade today? And they have cancelled the regular canuck street party in Maiden Lane in Covent Garden as the Met can’t handle football match watchers at pubs + Pride Parade people + some Canadians. So the Canadians had to go.) Anyway…

It was a good afternoon out.

We watched a bit of the street hockey tournament.

We met a Mountie.

We got decked out in our maple leaf gear and got given lots more just for coming out.
(please note that neither of these people are officially Canadian! Shameful!)

We amazed at the crowds, particularly in the evening.

We watched Dance Saskatchewan and loved the costumes.

We got messages from the Tragically Hip and others wishing us in London a Happy Canada Day.

We watched a bit of Ron Sexsmith, finally, and then headed home as it was a bit late for the baby.
Also it was SO HOT and STICKY in the city yesterday and I was about to melt so I came home and felt like I was dying but I have recovered and no one is sunburnt.

This really was a major step up from the normal gathering of expats in Canada House with some free booze and cake. They had major sponsors and a huge stage and sound system, loads of freebies and stall after stall of information. Quite impressive, and nice as it might be our last one here. Ottawa on 1st July is quite overwhelming – in London it’s not only more intimate, I think there’s even more pride and emotion involved as we are all away from home.

And the Brits are slightly befuddled (well, at least Mark’s family are) as they can’t even display the St George’s flag for the World Cup without racism being brought up as the flag has been hijacked over here as a symbol of extreme right wing views. I like our comfort with patriotism. And we have a nicer flag anyway.

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  1. tami 'n matti Says:

    GO CANADA! Can’t wait to see you and Oliver tomorrow! Hope you guys have a great flight! Oh, and it’s hot and sticky and nasty here too. Bring allergy drugs. It’s pretty bad. I’ve been doubling up on meds so that I stop sneezing mass amounts of crap all over myself. Prepare Oliver for being slobbered all over by 4 dogs. See you soon! Hugs and kisses…

  2. Lisa Says:

    Aww I’m so sorry I missed it! It looks like it was a lot of fun.

    Jack wore a Canadian t-shirt and England shorts…figured that was a good compromise. đŸ˜‰

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