Saturday, July 1, 2006

Happy Canada Day!

There’s no questioning whether or not Oliver is Canadian now.

Who needs a citizenship certificate and passport when a Mountie has christened you??

(Mark’s mum got a bit annoyed at his shirt, All Canadian Boy. I could have changed it to Half Canadian Boy but I don’t want to ruin nice clothes.)

More about yesterday’s fun in Trafalgar Square on the other blog.

But in more important news, he’s reached 6 months old! That’s a pretty big milestone. It means we can experiment with even more food now. No teeth yet, but he does a pretty good job at munching with his gums. He’ll eat anything as long as either Mark or I are eating it, ’cause then it must be good. Example – a green bean last night at dinner. Other than that, he loves his Petits Filous fromage frais; the mouth is already open for the next spoonful when the spoon is like 10 feet away. And he still does well on most fruit and vegetables.

He can’t sit up on his own yet, but he’s trying. He’s mostly too busy standing up to sit on his bottom though. He’s been wanting to stand since he was about 5 weeks old or something, and his legs get stronger and stronger. When you carry him, he holds on now. He will sit quietly for books sometimes, but not always. I think he’d rather be rolling around mostly. He still loves his jolly jumper (which I recently discovered was invented by a Canadian – this person deserves a medal) but his baby gym frustrates him a bit since he can’t pull the hanging toys down any farther to chew them. And new things are fun, like raspberries blown in his hands or peek a boo.

So tomorrow, I will attempt an 8 hour flight with him and hope that his ability to charm people comes out full force for everyone we are trapped on the plane with. And my family can fuss over him for a couple of weeks hopefully giving me a bit of a break.

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