Monday, July 3, 2006

I’m in a strange place. There’s a tornado warning. And, after supermarket shopping, I’ve filled the house with many yummy things like chocolate pudding, vegetable soup mix + sour cream dip, bran muffins and iced tea. Weird things you can’t get (well, you can but not as good) in England. I seriously have culture shock. I’ve been out of Ontario for 2 years and it feels really bizarre to be here. I think moving back is going to be just as much of a change for me as it will be for Mark. The first time I returned after moving to the UK, it was like a big emotional homecoming. The second, only 7 months later, was just another fun trip. This is just different.

I keep trying to climb into the wrong side of the car (sorry, I mean giant beast of a gas guzzling truck) for the passenger seat. Everything’s clean and new. The roads are so wide. And every day I get to have a Tim Horton’s double double.

Oliver and I are adjusting to the time change (I’m getting there faster than him which is going to result in a bit less sleep for me, but hopefully he’ll get there in the end). We’ve only hung out with my family so far, so lots of fun yet to come.

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