Monday, July 10, 2006

Just back to Oshawa from a weekend in Ottawa. Well, actually, unfortunately didn’t see much of Ottawa which is a shame as it’s my favourite place in Canada (so far – travelled all over the world and have still seen so little of the homeland). Spent all weekend at my grandparents’ house, which I can’t complain about. Was spoiled with grandma cooking and attention. Oliver got to meet his great-grandparents, his great aunt and uncle, and his…I think…first cousin once removed?? Anyway, my cousin Anne! My grandmother had a bunch of their friends over on Sunday for lunch to meet him and to catch up. The party kind of headed indoors from the garden once the World Cup final came on, however. How did I end up actually watching a lot of the matches after all??

Saturday was great as I got to catch up with Sandy, Richie and their three kids (with the fourth on the way – yes they are insane but they love it). Spent loads of time with Tami last week, saw Aimee for the first time in years, and this week we’ve got Jen (and Jaden), Jamie (hopefully?) with kiddies Keyzia and Ephraim in tow, and Kristen and Grace with her son Cael still to visit before we head home.

Since I’ve been here, this is probably way too much information, but I have had almost a continuously upset stomach. And on Friday I got really really ill, like never before, at dinner after eating Taco Bell for lunch. I don’t know what’s happening except that it’s definitely linked with fast or restaurant food (as my grandmother’s house provided a reprieve from any gurgling bad tummy). Is there some additive or oil that is used here that isn’t in the UK? I don’t get sick like this at home.

The good news is that things like Taco Bell that I have eaten, that I was looking forward to eating, have been fairly disgusting. I was worried that if we moved back here, it’d be a big one million calorie festival everyday. Now I feel no need to eat it. The one good fast food item I’ve had since being here was Pizza Pizza for dinner tonight. Except I ended up ordering some giant family combo for my family and I, and didn’t know until it got here that it didn’t come with dipping sauce. The whole reason I ordered it. Mark will feel my sadness. I literally almost cried. Oh well, I’ll probably get sick later anyway!

So today at the grocery store, I picked up a bunch of stuff to cook my dad and I dinner for the rest of the week (my mother doesn’t eat the kind of food I like to cook), moving on to homemade options and hopefully my intestinal tract will recover.

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