Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My family, I am sure, thinks I am trying to kill this kid. Since we’ve been in Canada, Oliver has mastered pulling his neck and his body forward. Which has resulted in two somersaults (I have never typed that word before and it looks really weird) – one off of the couch at my grandparents’ house onto their floor, and today off of my lap on to my parents’ floor. Yes I am a great mother. Also today Oliver was happily feeding himself some arrowroot biscuit (President’s Choice brand not entirely full of sugar and palm oil) when he managed to gum off a big chunk and then choke on it. Like really badly he thought he was dying choke on it.

Anyway, today was good generally as Jaden came to hang out with Oliver along with his wonderful mum Jen and the baby got to hang out with a baby even younger than him! I have cute photos but they are stuck on my camera until I get back home. But Jen should put some on Jaden’s blog soon.

Oliver was pretty crabby today unfortunately as last night we managed to have our first messed up night of sleep in months. He was stirring when I went to bed at 11, woke up crying at 2am, was fed a bottle, went back to sleep reluctantly, started stirring a couple of hours later, and woke up fully at 6:45am. I forgot how much sleep deprivation sucks until today. Anyway, I overfed him today (he didn’t eat so much yesterday so I hope that was the cause of the weird night) and he went to sleep really really easily, so let’s hope for no more of that.

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  1. Jaden Says:

    Hey Emma, thanks so much for having us, it was so great to see you guys, Oliver is too cute. Hopefully, Jaden and Oliver can be good buddies when you guys move to Canada. Thanks too for the yummy dinner and thanks to your mom as well for picking us up at the GO station. Good luck on your flight back!

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