Sunday, July 16, 2006

We had so many adventures in Canada, I don’t even know where to start. So I’ll go with some photo highlights (people, send me your photos if we met up please, I didn’t take enough) and write something more legible when I am not consumed by jet lag.

Hanging out with his Grandad on the slightly scary horse:

Meeting his great-grandparents in Ottawa:

Playing with loads of fun toys at Makenzie, Braeden and Riley’s house in Kanata:

Jen and Jaden came to visit us, a nice whole day of babies checking each other out (more pics at his site):

Lovin’ the arrowroot cookies (I brought some back):

Hanging out with my favourite residents of Kitchener-Waterloo (except missing Jay who took the pic!) and finally getting to meet Cael who was born since the last time I was at home:

And, he was a SAINT on the plane ride home. Slept 6 of 7 hours. And I didn’t resort to the doping method I had planned out – thanks to a helpful tip from another mum whose name I won’t mention in case people scorn the use of drugs in dealing with travel!!! I was desperate, though, after that terrible awful flight over. But I just gave him some baby Tylenol normal dosage to help deal with the ear pain, and after some relutance to sleep when we first got on board, he went down for the count before we even took off and didn’t wake up for the next 6 hours. Wonderful fantastic baby. I didn’t sleep at all, but who cares, he did!!

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