Thursday, July 20, 2006

I sit downstairs with him and think of all these wonderful things I would like to blog about, and then he goes to sleep and I manage to escape up here briefly. And promptly forget everything I wanted to write about.

Anyway, I can think of some other stuff.

Since we’ve been back on UK time, Oliver is doing pretty well at sleeping. In fact, he’s slept through the night since we’ve been back despite the 5 hour time difference he was accustomed to. However, we’re having a lot of trouble actually settling him down. I only like to use his dummy/soother to put him to sleep during daytime naps (he’s the grumpiest ever when tired in the day), but we are having to use it at night now too, with a lot of shushing and other interventions. He was putting himself to sleep at night before we went away.

It might be the heat, or it might also be the fact that he is now insisting on rolling over everytime he gets put on his back (suddenly it’s easy and fun to do), which includes being put down in his crib. So then we get screams when he can’t roll himself back over or when his foot is caught in the bars. In the last few weeks, he’s just suddenly a lot more physical, with all this rolling and pulling his torso and head forward (hence the somersaults in Canada) and grabbing for everything that passes his way.

He’s dealing pretty well with the heat actually. He’s spending most of the time just in his nappy, except when facing the public, and in the last few weeks he’s started to sweat when too hot. Which is good because it means his body is beginning to regulate his own temperature. Last night when we put him to bed his room was 29 degrees, despite his fan going and the windows upstairs all open. I just hope that we get back to a normal colder UK summer soon.

We are going to a wedding in Kingsbury (our old part of London) and a posh hotel in Hampshire this weekend. Hoping that he won’t be the only baby there, and hoping that he doesn’t disrupt proceedings with his wonderful high pitched screams.

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