Wednesday, July 26, 2006

So I’ve recently had a couple of driving lessons, in order to try to get me out of the house some more to reduce my cabin fever. They’ve been with an instructor, with dual controls, on an automatic one of these:

It’s gone okay. The point was to increase my confidence on UK roads, to deal with things like being on the wrong (!) side of the car and narrow lanes. I felt okay about things like roundabouts having been in the passenger side so much for the past 4 years.

The only problem is that he’s teaching me to pass a test I don’t have to pass, so all my bad I’ve-been-driving-a-while habits are a big issue. And he doesn’t like how fast I pull up to roundabouts (blame Mark) and a few other things.

But he’s actually had me driving in (gasp!) urban areas – parts of Dunstable and Luton. I never thought I’d make it out there.

Also, a Mini is a lot smaller than the automatic car I am actually meant to be driving! :

(except ours is red and Mark will probably tell me it’s a different year but whatever)

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