Sunday, August 6, 2006

We’re back from our very long journey, just in time for our first wedding anniversary. A year ago right now I was surprising myself by having a great time on a day I’d been dreading. Not because I didn’t want to marry Mark! Because I wasn’t at all looking forward to being the centre of attention. But it was a lot more fun that I thought it would be. A year later, I am completely knackered, in sweat pants, and feeling like I’m dying since I think I have caught some nasty virus from Oliver (full of aches and pains and no energy). We had a take out Thai meal on the couch in front of the telly tonight. Bit of a step down.

Anyway, the holiday was good.

The house was beautiful, even the servants’ quarters/generator storage area that had been converted into our particular holiday let. The estate is busy with lots of different lets, both in the main building and in small cottages.

The views were stupendous. Lochs and mountains everywhere.

We discovered the Hogwarts’ Express and the viaduct they film Harry Potter movies on.

The cows were very hairy.

We took a ferry to the Isle of Mull and visited Tobermory, which Oliver might appreciate in a few years as they film Balamory there.

Ben Nevis always had her head in the clouds.

We didn’t see Nessie, but Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness instead (although the whole time we drove around it, I’ve got ‘what’s that coming over the hill – is it a monster? Is it a monster?’ stuck in my head).

I’m going to go and feel sorry for myself now, and hopefully mix some paracetemol and alcohol for full effect.

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