Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Eureka! I have fixed it! Something just up with that post. Starting a whole new one, no problems. Weird. Anyway, let’s move on!

Blueberries seemed like a good idea at the time.

Ahh, food. Food is both fun and stressful. I am still mostly making Oliver’s food and it usually goes quiet well. Except lately he’s just so into everything and wants to hold the spoon and wants to grab the bowl and wants to throw his bottle off his high chair. These are all good things, of course (you know, development and stuff) but they make feeding time hazardous to others (except the dog who benefits).

Baby food cooking means that I often buy us all things I would have normally passed by, like spaghetti squash. Also, his favourite food at all is anything off of our plates, so he’s tried lots of things and enjoyed them all (as long as they are being eaten by others). Including, while at my parents’ house, sucking on a pickled onion!!! Weird kid. We’ve had lemon and just like Kristin said about Nolan, he makes a screwed up face that’s hilarious, even shivers or twitches his body, and then comes back for more. So funny.

I do use the jarred food when travelling, and he normally copes pretty well with that too. Here he is in Scotland in his very useful pocket high chair:

We are doing well with finger food like arrowroot cookies, rice cakes and pieces of toast. He had almost an entire piece of toast with cream cheese the other morning for breakfast. Once they are past 6 months’ old, it’s suggested that they don’t need special baby cereal anymore and they can eat things like Weetabix and porridge for breakfast. Well, I’ve tried, and he hates them. Don’t blame him, not my faves either.

While acquiring a taste for foul vegetables in Canada, he also stopped breastfeeding. Not sure what happened there. We were only doing it once a day (had been reducing to go back to my now non-existent job), and I guess possibly a combination of a big time difference to adjust to (it took a while – he was ready to go at 4:30am a couple of days), and a strange place with new people, etc., might have just put him off of it. Who knows. Anyway, he started refusing it. And I guess it’s good and bad.

In the early days, I never thought I’d still have been doing it at 6 months. I hated it. I didn’t want to be that needed, I didn’t want him on me 24-7 (’cause it felt that way), and I just wanted a shower and some space, dammit (okay, that’s still a problem, but for different reasons). So now I have my body back in its entirety and I don’t have to wear bras with flaps. Although they can be pretty comfy, I am enjoying a new phase of lift and seperate. Who knew there was space between bosom and stomach. Anyway. Too much information.But I was surprised to find myself a little sad it was over. The one feed was used when he woke up around 7am to get him back to sleep for just a bit longer, and we’d doze together. Thankfully I seem to be able to get him back to sleep most days without any feed now (using a dummy instead, haven’t gotten rid of that thing yet, that crutch for me).

So he’s solely on formula and he’s hilarious when he wants a bottle now. He sees it. He knows he wants it. He can almost hold it by himself. He freaks out when it doesn’t to get his mouth fast enough. And then there’s this sigh of relief once the milk starts flowing. I try and give water on the hot days but he’s like, what’s this crap in my bottle that ain’t milk lady??? So I am also trying cups of water, which is fun when it pours down him, but I think he might be a little better at it than before.

If I hadn’t have been made redundant, I would have been back at work today, and he would have just been starting his first day at creche right now. Weird. Instead he’s still lightly asleep and I am in my pj’s about to put the coffee on and I’ve got nothing to do today. It would have been crazy, but I do kind of wish I was in London right now.

4 Responses to “”

  1. geepeemum Says:

    My daughter used to do that thing with the lemon too! It was hilarious. I’m impressed he lets you do jars and home cooking. Belle refused all jars and only ate home-cooked meals. Ned refused all home-cooking and only took jars. (And now he’s got the best appetite and the least fussiness.. eat your heart out, Annabel Karmel!)

  2. Lisa Says:

    Looooove the pocket high chair! They are one of the very few truly useful baby items I’ve purchased.

    Don’t get me started about the Bumbo, though…(anyone want to buy ours?!)

  3. jamie Says:

    Do tell about the bumbo! Isn’t it supposed to be all the rage???

  4. Tea & Margaritas in My Garden Says:

    What a cutey-pie you have there!


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