Wednesday, August 9, 2006

So Monday and Tuesday, up until about 5pm, I felt back to normal again, flu or whatever it was over, all well. Then yesterday, while holding Oliver to get him back to sleep during his nap, I started to feel like death again. I got the shivers and shakes, a sharp pain in my lung and a massive headache. Yes I must be dying. Ended up having to get Mark’s mum to come over to take care of Oliver as I couldn’t even really pick him up. Couldn’t get a GP appointment for the rest of the week. Mark arranged a nurses’ appointment for this morning, even though I knew it was viral and there is nothing really that can be done. The nurse practioner gave me lots of sympathy, which was nice, and told me to rest, so Mark has stayed home to do Oliver duty and Mark’s mum will do it tomorrow. If I am not better by Friday, I need to go back in for a blood test. See, I’ve never (in my memory, I am sure my mother will correct me) had a fever I couldn’t shake before. I’ve had a fever I’ve been bringing down since Saturday.

So, on the off chance I’ve got something funny, I’ll get the blood test done. And there is a vague chance as the poor dog has come back from Scotland riddled with ticks. She’s on antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and Mark has this new tick removing plastic tool, which is good, ’cause I just found another one that the vet missed. What if I don’t know I’ve been bitten by a tick and have some crazy tick carrying disease?? Ugh.

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