Thursday, August 10, 2006

This week has been harvest week on the farm. I often forget we live on a farm, renting out an old worker’s cottage, as the farm workers don’t go to this part of the land too much. The most action we see around the outbuildings are the adventures of the family of bunnies that live out there, that get chased by Piper. Anyway, whatever it is they have been growing in the fields around us, like wheat or barley or something, has all been cut down. And it’s like everything that was living in there is coming in to our yard/house, which has meant the biggest scariest spider I have ever seen indoors in my life found almost on my hand when I opened the curtain, and this little creature found by Piper in the garden:

Aww. A baby shrew. I picked it up and checked it out in case it had been cat lunch (Piglet still likes a hunt once in a while) or the dog had played with it but I think Piper had just been sniffing it. It had nothing wrong with it. I briefly considered naming it and keeping it as our new pet but then I came to my senses and released it over the fence hoping that the cat would leave it alone. It came back under the fence. Oh well. Also I washed my hands afterwards in case anyone is really worried about mothers picking up rodents!

I am still sick but slightly better. I don’t feel like I am dying anymore. I have some crazy swollen glands in my throat and my head throbs when I move it around too quickly or abruptly but other than that I am okay. Mark’s mum has Oliver from 11am to 5pm today and what am I doing? Resting. AKA reading blogs and blogs and more blogs (including archives in some cases, just for fun). I think I will have a shower and have some lunch. Watch some telly. But that’s about as strenuous as it’s going to get as I really am meant to be resting, nurse’s orders. And I will try not to feel guilty about all the cleaning/organising/laundry that needs doing. Really, I would love to do it but it will make my head hurt.

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