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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Current favourite things:
-Watching flies
-Watching dogs and cats
-Watching and listening to mummy say Woof when the dog is around (belly laughs all around)
-Throwing spoons on the floor
-Throwing anything on the floor and watching where it drops
-Eating remote controls or telephones – anything with buttons are cool
-Super delicious and easy to self-feed Organix carrot sticks (and mummy and daddy think they are pretty yummy as well – they look and kind of taste like cheezies but are practically good for you!)

Evil things:
-Blogger!!! (this is why)
-Having diarrhea for 2 weeks! (I know you all needed to know that!!) (GP appointment tomorrow after getting scolded by a Health Visitor for bringing him to clinic – but I knew he wasn’t contagious, he’s not sick otherwise, and don’t they disinfect the stuff anyway??)
-Going through I don’t know how many extra nappies and clothes (see above for reason why)
-Children’s clothing sizes. Currently Oliver is literally wearing a range of items from 0-3 months that still fit, up to 12 months that also fit. What the??? 12 month size stuff bought in Canada clarifies its sizing as 20 pounds. What baby weighs 20 pounds at a year??? Dude, it’s going to happen before a year. Are babies smaller in Canada? I doubt it.