Monday, September 4, 2006

So we were sitting in the waiting room at the GP’s surgery this afternoon, and there was a baby and his mum across from us. And he sat, then crawled perfectly to a chair, pulled himself up to standing, turned his body around, looked at Oliver and went ‘ah goo ma goo aga da ga’ or something to that effect (lots of different vowels and consonants being the point). And Oliver sat there, looking at him with his mouth open, drooling and silent. The mum’s like ‘isn’t it nice you have such a quiet baby’. I’m like ‘I just talked to the health visitor earlier at his 8 month development check today about his delayed language skills’. Oh. Turns out Lucien is a few days younger than Oliver. Dude, we got some training to do.

However, the training may be on hold. I have a chest infection and Oliver is getting what I have, and so last night was hell on earth. I couldn’t sleep, and then like within 10 minutes of me finally getting to sleep just before 1am, he woke up crying and didn’t settle until after some baby Tylenol, around 3am. In our bed. And I had to go downstairs and sleep on the chair (or try to) until Mark got up for work, who reported Oliver never really slept soundly. His nose is running. And he’s not into his bottle today. Fun times all around.

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