Tuesday, September 26, 2006

There’s so much to do around here in the next month (see the ticker) that I am paralysed by all of it. We have already donated so much stuff to charity shops and to the tip/dump and yet there is still so much stuff in the house that is going to have to be picked through in order to get the little out that we are going to take with us.

We got a bit screwed around by our shipping firm (very different quotes received from two different parts of the company), but in the end, they are coming on the 17th October to pack and crate up our stuff, mostly consisting of things like books and clothes, with very little furniture or larger items. We have to let them pack it in order for it to be insured, and for a smooth meeting with Customs, which is great – but as I said could be complicated if they have to pick and choose stuff. We’re only filling part of a sea-faring crate, which means we have to wait weeks for our things to arrive, but as we are going to be staying at my parents and putting stuff in storage until we have our own place, it’s not a big deal.

I’ve started looking for jobs to apply to, though it’s a little early for that. Mark and I have decided that one of us, it doesn’t matter who, needs to get a decent paying full time job and then we can sort our selves out with housing, decent cars, etc. He’s already made some connections in the rail industry over there, which has him feeling better, and I’m going to start asking all my friends who work in my field (community development/social planning -type social work) to send me absolutely any job posting that might be relevent. I have already found one to apply for at the Ministry of Community and Social Services in Toronto, though it’s a little out of my league.

While our computer was down, I got to play grown up adult for one day. I got dropped off at the train station sans baby, took the train into London, bought a coffee and muffin at Starbucks at Euston, and took the bus to work. Went to a meeting where I was able to talk coherently about my team and the work we had been doing before I went on mat leave, and then went and cleared out my desk as I don’t actually have a job anymore despite going to work. I have to say, it was really nice. It was also nice as I dropped a bunch of money at H&M on myself in the middle of the day (you have to take advantage of your location when you live in the middle of nowhere), but the nicest bit was having real important adult conversations and actually being able to contribute again. So I am really looking forward to that again – whether it’s me doing the full time power job or just a part time thing if Mark gets a good job.

But we can’t worry about jobs and stuff too much yet as we have to get out of here first, which seems like an impossible task right now. There’s a lot going on – a party to say goodbye to people this weekend, Mark’s Nan in hospital for the past few weeks and whether she is going to come out or not in question every day, Mark’s family to spend time with – particularly with Oliver, and all the rest.

2 Responses to “”

  1. Sandy Kerr Says:

    Em, if any of your in-laws are planning on visiting you within the year, perhaps they could each bring one article of reasonable size with them? Books even would be good, something you don’t need right away and yet are heavy for shipping.
    Lots of luck. Love Mom Kerr

  2. emmainlondon Says:

    It’s okay, it’s not by weight – it’s by volume. And I don’t think anyone is planning on coming anytime soon!!

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