Thursday, October 5, 2006

I have two full-time preoccupations right now…

  1. Selling like 20 items on ebay (and more needs to get listed on there)
  2. Using up all the food in the freezer as someone is taking it on Friday night

It doesn’t sound like much but between them I don’t seem to be able to get anything else done. Every spare moment I have to check the computer to see if there are any more questions about our items (Mark’s old windsurf board attracting the most queries and I know nothing about it), and for some reason ebay buyers have gotten really impatient and everyone wants a Buy it Now price! Except I discovered today that if someone bids it wipes out your price. So why’d I waste 25p putting it on there in the first place?? Also someone wants us to courier the windsurf to Cornwall which we were quoted at £500 last night. Good god. At least so far we seem to be making some unexpected money on some old tat (mostly thanks to Mark’s embarrassing radio controlled airplane hobby that he hasn’t engaged in but will again when Oliver is older I am sure).

And every meal is a new adventure in ‘what can I make with this steak/chicken/mince/10 pounds of frozen blueberries/too many apple strudels’. On top of that, we had so much food left over from the party that I’m also trying to clear out – I’ve been eating mini pork pies for lunch everyday and just feeling sick. I did manage to remember that I had a Nigella recipe for a turkey and ham Boxing Day pie which I made though clearly it is not Boxing Day as we had some delicious gammon that Mark made for our do leftover, and I had some turkey stir fry bits in the freezer. Add some frozen Canadian sweetcorn (excuse the food miles), leftover chives, and defrosted puff pastry and it was a success. Last night I got fed up and we had a thai takeaway. Smart. Tonight I am back on track and it’s cottage pie for all of us (including frozen mince, frozen corn again, and leftover party cheese). It’s so much brain power, though, thinking about all this stuff. And distracts from the main job which needs to be clearly as much stuff out of this house as possible before the movers come on the 17th.

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