Tuesday, October 10, 2006

So in 2 weeks Oliver and I will be resident in Canada, with the rest of the gang following 3 days later.

Beyond the immediate concerns of packing everything I need for him to take with us, and settling him in to a different time zone for good, I’m also thinking about Hallowe’en as we’ll be there for that.

But what’s the North American policy on 10 month old babies and Hallowe’en? Surely taking him trick or treating clearly indicates to the givers of chocolate and candy that this baby is obviously not going to eat it and the parents are? (mmm Reeses peanut butter cups yummmm)

Should I be getting him/making him a costume and taking him out or do we stay in at my parents and greet all the costumed kids?

This isn’t an issue in England as there’s still so little trick or treating here.

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  1. Suburban Mum Says:

    I had trick or treaters at my door last night. Only 3 weeks early. They wanted chocolate but I sent them off with a flea in their ear!

  2. Tater Tot Says:

    Start teaching him now how to hold open a bag. People with think it’s so bloody cute that they won’t even care about where the chocolate is actually going. I took Tater out the first time when he was only 6mos. MMMMM chocolate.

  3. mother of the kid Says:

    LOL thanks Sam – what’d you dress him up as?

  4. louisa Says:

    you have to take him out emma start as you mean to go on ! his first proper Haloween in canada cannot be missed at home watching all the other kids … could scar him for life that 🙂
    and can I just say ….hmmmm reeses pieces and …..hmmm MR Big Chocolate bars ……..BIG HMMMMMM

  5. jamie Says:

    In our house there is a 70-80% parent tax on all candy collected on halloween.

    heh heh heh.

    Might as well start teaching them about the government early!

  6. mother of the kid Says:

    Jamie, of course it’s also in the interest of their health…

  7. Tater Tot Says:

    And they say chocolate is good for your health. You don’t want to be “that” mom who deprives their child of the essential health benefits in life do you??

    The first year I dressed him up in Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens garb (confused hockey player), and last year he was a Roman Soldier (kilt, awesome helmet made from scratch by dad, bear fur cape – alright it was fun fur but gotta keep the manly part going).

  8. Jaden Says:

    Jaden’s dressing up as a rock star – he’ll be wearing his Born to Rock t-shirt from you, black jeans, sunglasses and I’m going to try to put his hair into a mohawk – he’ll also have his favourite Sesame Street electric guitar. We’re in BC right now and will be back just in time for Halloween too – his costume idea came to me on the airplane when I realized I wouldn’t have much time to buy/make anything. I’ll probably just take him out to people’s houses that I know…By the way, we’re very excited that you’re moving here – give me a call when you get here!!! Jen

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