Sunday, October 15, 2006
For like 12 straight hours today, Mark and I have been chucking stuff, sorting junk, disassembling flat pack furniture, cleaning, packing…ugh. Ugh. I am sore. Oliver and the animals are completely confused by the mess and chaos.

I pulled out some old cd’s, listened to stuff I haven’t heard in years (Plumtree, Lemonheads, Len, Badly Drawn Boy, etc.) and managed to – I think – reduce my wardrobe enough to fit it in a couple of suitcases. I hope. Since there’s a few other things that I have fit in there like Oliver’s clothes, feeding accessories and more.

So tired. And not finished. And movers coming on Tuesday.

Last night, when we should have been doing this, we drove for 3 hours down to south east London (came through the centre and got stuck post-Arsenal match on the A1) to say goodbye to all my old work colleagues and friends. It was too short a night but the food and the company were wonderful.

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