Monday, October 23, 2006

A portrait of the boy on his last day in the UK (well, until we come back and visit):

And we’re having a good time. Not.

Yesterday, after a very restless nights’ sleep (which meant we had one too listening to it on the baby monitor), he woke up with an upper tooth trying to poke through resulting in the most sensitive mouth I have ever seen, an angry red face, and a fever. It’s not cut yet and it’s still bothering him.

Today, after launching himself off my leg and into the carpet, he then launched himself missile-style off our bed and into a dustbin. Resulting in his first big scrape.

And I know that I didn’t need to buy him proper measured shoes yet but they are cool and I felt like spending money on him (ebay cash) and they are made for cruising and hopefully will fit for 6-8 weeks.

RIP the Jolly Jumper. It was going to come in my suitcase (critical item for everyone’s happiness) but we realised recently that he’s used it so much (almost every day for 6 months) and managed to twist the rope up while using it that it’s starting to wear out. Oh well. Must find other things to entertain him (like the millions of toys waiting for him in Canada that my mother has bought him).

Wish us a nice (good, peaceful, decent, survivable, non-insanity inducing) flight.

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  1. Tater Tot Says:

    Oh, Emma good luck.
    Travelling with babies is never fun, but remember they love the water taps in the bathroom! Spend as much time in there as possible – who cares if the other passengers think you have horrid diarhea – it WILL get you through.
    I hate that we’ll be in the same country and so far again from one another. There’s always next X-mas!
    Happy Travelling
    oh and it’s girl guide cookie time my friend – working on my third box right now

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