Monday, October 23, 2006

What I should be doing:

  • Walking around the house with rubbish bags collecting garbage (basically, everything that is left barring some furniture)
  • Finishing the nightmare packing (trying to live out of suitcases for the next 2 or 3 months until our shipped goods arrive and we manage to find things in the boxes – I’m not even trying to keep within Air Transat limits of 23 kilos, I’m actively trying to heave as much stuff in as possible to 2 pieces of baggage and just pay for the excess which will be massive)
  • Cleaning

What I am doing:

  • Blogging
  • Drinking coffee
  • Watching This Morning
  • Eating Cadbury Fruit and Nut

(okay, I might have gotten a few things done this morning other than that)

We spent the weekend having quality time with Mark’s family. We took Mark’s mum and stepdad out for a posh lunch (read: overpriced and pretentious, we’ve had better for less) here to say thanks for all they have done for us. Sunday was a roast lunch as Mark’s aunts’ house where we hung out with the cousins and Katie and Oliver played and I forgot my camera again. We’ve got dinner again at his mum’s tonight – we were going to have a take out anyway as it’s more and more difficult to cook with less and less in the kitchen.

So this is it – wish us a decent journey. It’s all I can ask for, decent. I’m going to overdose on Bach Rescue Remedy before the flight hoping that I don’t end up in tears again due to Oliver screaming etc. And Mark and the animals come on Friday – he might have more hassle at the airport but at least he gets to watch the inflight entertainment!

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  1. tami Says:

    MOVING DAY! good luck! can’t wait to see you!

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