Wednesday, October 25, 2006

You wouldn’t believe it. That was the best flight EVER. I have discovered how the other side lives. I upgraded to Club Class and I may never be able to travel with the cattle again. I got real dishes, glasses and cutlery. I had good, posh food (the teriyaki pork was delicious – yes airline food was DELICIOUS). I had the most leg room of anyone in the aircraft (sitting at the bulkhead) and Oliver got his own seat as no one wanted to sit beside us (I mean, come on, I upgraded and paid a lot of money and I have to sit beside a freakin’ baby?!?!). It didn’t matter. I could see people getting annoyed when we took off and he flipped out a bit and screamed because he hadn’t had a morning nap. But then he charmed the pants off of everyone once he woke up and everyone relaxed. I could have gotten completely drunk for free. But I am a responsible travelling parent so of course I didn’t get to.

The reason I upgraded on Mark’s suggestion was that I actually had twice the baggage limit of the cattle. So by upgrading, I only paid a little more than I would have paid for my baggage. In the scheme of things, not that much money.

So here we are in Oshawa, feeling like we are on vacation. But this time, we don’t leave, and the rest of the family joins us on Friday. Which is when the new life really begins…

I’ve spent the morning getting quotes for our 3 months without OHIP (Ontario public health coverage), making coffee, entertaining the kid, and organising stuff. I’ve been awake and feeling refreshed since 4am. I couldn’t stay up past 8pm last night and 8 hours of blissful uninterrupted sleep was wonderful and needed (haven’t been sleeping much lately due to stress and terrible bed we were sleeping in after we shipped our good one).

Going to take Oliver for a walk later and discover the neighbourhood. And it’s really freezing here! Unseasonably cold whereas it’s been unseasonably warm in the UK. Will need to bundle us up.

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  1. jamie Says:

    Hooray! Welcome back to the great white!

  2. Gabby Says:

    Welcome to Canada – Bienvenue and all that jazz!

    We flew bargain bucket – in retrospect maybe we should have paid for decent seats but we just couldn’t justify the cost at that time.

    I think we paid around $500 for our insurance…I could be wrong though…but it was for all three of us and I remember thinking it was pretty good value.

  3. katrinka Says:

    Congrats on a pleasant flight – few and far between in my experience. I wondered if I could email you maybe? Not sure how… but I’m about to make a very similar move (UK back to the States after 4 years) and would love to ask you a question or two. Cheers and happy ‘acclimatising’!

  4. Lisa Says:

    Aww enjoy Canada! Sounds like the flight was fantastic. Did the Rescue Remedy work? It did squat for me, but then we had the turbulent flight from hell. 😦

    You have to teach Oliver how to say “eh” now!

  5. Sandy Kerr Says:

    Hi Em! I’m so relieved your flight back wasn’t like your last flight here! Welcome home! Come and see me anytime, I’m usually home with Tiki, Tobey and MaiTai although I do get out once a day if my leg co-operates.
    See you soon.

  6. louisa Says:

    happy to hear you and baby are there in one piece and travelled in STYLE !! way to go on that one.

    Now i am jealous and my last 3 weeks here in the Uk feel like they are going to drag on forever!

    hope you are all enjoying yourselves and all is going smoothly for you

  7. emmainlondon Says:

    Thanks for the welcome, all!
    katrinka, have added my address to my page, under About me.
    Rescue Remedy, Lisa, as you said, did nothing – upgrading saved my life, forget yoga in a bottle!!! Tasted nasty too.

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