Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hey, I am feeling popular. Thanks for all the well wishes people.

Hail, hail, the gang’s all here.

Dog and cat and Mark arrived in one piece last night, despite a 2 hour flight delay. They are beginning to forgive us the trauma and are starting to settle in fairly well. Neither of them are into their new food, however! The cat is missing the sachets of fishy and ducky feasts that he’s used to, and for some reason Piper is not into Canadian kibble. Treat bones are fine though.

We’ve not done a lot – I am sort of consumed by stress and lack of sleep, and Mark is jet lagged. He did, however, manage to get to the bank to sort his account out (he’d opened one from the UK), and bought a large rug to protect carpet from animals in our new basement apartment. Not that you can call my parents’ bottom floor something derogatory like a basement – it’s got more floor space and light (it’s a walk-out basement) than the house we just left.

We’re going to rent a car for a week tomorrow and just run as many errands as possible – like exchanging licences before we get car insurance, getting his social insurance number, applying for OHIP, and hopefully buying a car (or at least shopping for one).

And Tuesday, Mark has an informal interview with his major employer of choice whom I won’t name in case they trawl the web for blog mentions – because we both really want it to go well! Because a small informal chat because they are impressed with his CV/resume could determine a lot about our lives for the next while…

My parents invited my brother and his girlfriend over for dinner tonight, and we had a Thanksgiving-esque dinner with turkey and trimmings. And for dessert, a Presidents’ Choice pumpkin cream pie which was EXCELLENT. Mmm I need more. And another errand to run is to join the local newly opened leisure centre to work off that cream pie.

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  1. Tea & Margaritas in My Garden Says:

    Welcome to Canada and best of luck with hubby`s interview!


  2. Gabby Says:

    Good luck with the interview. It sounds like you’ve really got your act together with your move. I feel like Martha and I came here on a wing and a prayer somewhat, but seem to have landed on our feet so far…I’m sure that you guys will be fine.

    I wish I’d known about opening a Canadian bank account from the UK. I would have done that…

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