Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I am shocked by the efficiency of bureaucracy. In one short morning, Mark and I managed to exchange our licences, get him a Social Insurance Number, change my name on mine, and apply for OHIP for all three of us. Each time we were greeted by a full waiting room, and each time we seemed to jump to the head of the queue. Ooh, sorry, I mean line-up. Must start speaking Canadian again.

I have environmental guilt as we rented a small SUV (Ford Escape) and we are enjoying it. Not too big, but high up on the road, and room for baby and dog. Mark has his heart set on a used Volvo so we are going to go looking at some in the next few days. He’s also already been to an insurance broker who is conveniently a British expat who appreciated the effort Mark put in to get evidence of insurance coverage and no-claims in the UK. Car insurance IS more expensive here, no denying it, but at least we aren’t now going to start with something completely unaffordable. And it will get cheaper with time (assuming nothing out of sorts happens).

Mark had his interview – more like an informal chat about where he can fit in to the company. But still good prospects and a good connection made. I think if we can just be a little patient, it’s going to be fruitful and he will get to work for who he wants to.

I’ve managed to already get back into Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and the Young and the Restless. Which is exactly why I need to get a job and get out of the house!!

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  1. Gabby Says:

    Wow! All of that in a day! It took me a week to probably achieve all that, barring the screw up with my SIN application which ended up taking over a month…

    That’s great that you had an understanding insurance broker. Ours was OK (actually a distant relative of Martha’s) so I guess that was OK, but I didn’t get the impression our evidence of insurance in the UK counted for a great deal. Insurance here is astronomical…that’s what you get for living in a culture that sues the ass of people for the tiniest things. Why can’t people just accept that sometimes accidents just happen and move on…

    We don’t really have any TV to speak of. I haven’t watched anything of worth since we got here really…

  2. louisa Says:

    you guys sound like you have completely settled in !!

    Plus you are already back on track with all the soaps very impressed !
    only 17 more days for me then until I come back to what is now your families side of the pond

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