Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Oliver’s first Hallowe’en (also Mark’s – the first full-on North American loads of kids to the door and costumes Hallowe’en) — we got those going door to door to dress up as 1/4 of an England football team (inspired by Sam for the sports angle and Jen who said use what you have at home). They only went out for half an hour as it was pretty cold and he started shivering. But we got a bit of candy for the adults. Of course, it’s politically incorrect to give out anything with nuts in it so I am deprived of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!!

I did carve a pumpkin (and also used some of it to make a pumpkin pancetta pine nut parsley pasta dinner), which was very interesting to him.

And my mother has decided that Hallowe’en is now an occasion worthy of cake. I can’t complain though – I get to eat it.

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  1. tami Says:

    as if you need an occasion for chocolate cake! bring it on!

    i love the soccer team idea! and all 3 generations of english men! tee hee…

    i was not aware however, that it was not PC to give out items with peanut content. we gave out peanut butter cups, peanut m & ms, peanut snickers, peanut oh henry’s, peanut crispy crunch, and i’m sure at least a half dozen other types with peanut content.

    oh well, guess i’m going to hell.

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