Thursday, November 9, 2006

I’d post some photos but this kid won’t stand still long enough for them to expose. Since we’ve been here at my parents’ house, 2.5 weeks, Oliver’s gotten so much more able to move around. When we arrived, I could leave him sitting on the floor and trust he’d play with his toys or pull himself to standing and move slowly. Now, toys are for chumps, he won’t sit at all, and he’s moving so fast around the furniture that he’s up to no good before I know it.

He’s also able to judge when it’s safe to let go, and stand on his own for a few seconds. Like on a soft mattress or when there is someone to catch him (it’s all a hilarious game to him). And I really thought he was going to skip crawling altogether, but just in the last few days he’s started doing something resembling in, in order to move his butt closer to things that he can then pull himself up on. And he can bend down while standing up, and hanging on with one hand, to pick things up. Usually bits of animal hair or rubbish, straight in the mouth. Lovely.

He did a lot better with the time change compared to July and quickly settled into an 8pm to 8am sleep pattern, which is nice. Especially as he’s sleeping in a travel cot – oh sorry, they aren’t called that here, they are called pack n’ plays and according to Babies R Us staff it’s highly illegal for children to sleep in them (at least that’s what we were told when we tried to get a better mattress for him). Why then do they make them with sleep-time features like lullaby players and mobiles? Anyway.

He’s babbling pretty well, all kinds of sound combinations now, but he’s not anywhere near saying a proper word and having it mean something. I think he’s beginning to understand NO (which is getting used with more and more frequency as he gets into more stuff) but I don’t think there’s anything else registering with him (like his name).

He’s also suddenly decided that he likes water at mealtimes. After weeks of putting a cup to his mouth, and having him blow bubbles in it, or decide it’s time for water play, he can actually gulp a bunch of it down now. I wonder if I should start trying a sippy cup lid again – he never got the hang of them.

The adults are pretty wound up in sorting out the beginnings of a life here, but Oliver is ticking along nicely, thankfully.

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  1. Lisa Says:

    How funny – we bought a “play den” from Babies R Us as a travel cot (it’s identical to the Graco model you can get here) while we were in the US and I suspected that they’re not used like that in North America. What the heck do they use as travel cots there, then???

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