Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Randomness post

  • I want to move to a city and have that buzz back in our lives. It doesn’t have to be as big a city as London (well, it can’t be, we live in population-deprived Canada now) but it does need to be a city and not a two-street hamlet or something. Mark’s Canadian dream involves a really big house with a large plot of land (like half an acre) and a ride-on lawn mower. And ne’er the two shall meet. Or will they… – we are going to look at houses with an estate agent in Richmond Hill tomorrow. Some place I never considered I would end up – but also not in the middle of nowhere. On the middle of nowhere list is looking at houses in Stouffville the next day. Ha ha ha – Jamie, Jean, Michelle, are you reading this?! Good ol’ Stouffville, home of the summer camp I used to work at. Baaaaad place last time I looked. But it does have a GO station and big houses on big plots for not the biggest amount of money. We’ve looked at new builds around here (Oshawa), like on an old thoroughbred farm today – nice finishes in models homes, but they really stack them on top of each other.
  • We are having a peeing on a carpet situation with the dog which we haven’t had since she was a wee little new puppy. It’s got to be the stress of the plane ride and the move. Piper’s feeling guilty and we are annoyed but thankfully the stains are coming out of the carpet. I just wish she would settle down, particularly as we are spending a lot of time with her and normally take her out with us when we go anywhere. And she’s getting so many walks.
  • I am starting to enjoy driving again. I had to pick up Mark from the train station last night and I cranked up the new Sloan album on the stereo (so many songs on it, like 30 or something, overwhelming and I think it’s going to take me a while to get in to), and just calmly drove. Have lost the constant feeling of panic that driving in Buckinghamshire induced. The Volvo is so quiet and smooth. I don’t care about vehicles – just get me from A to B in one piece, please – but I think I like it. And I like the heated seats and decent speakers and all the little gadgets included.
  • We joined the leisure centre and all I’ve done is played in the water with Oliver. You know, fun, but not worth the price of admission. So Mark and I are trying to work out some sort of schedule where he goes swimming early in the morning and I use the gym equipment later in the morning when Oliver is asleep. However, I have not used gym equipment in like 4 years and I am in literally the worst of the worst shape of my life so I may have a heart attack and die so I’ll get Mark to let you all know if I do.
  • I’ve applied for 5 jobs in the past few days. Even writing a cover letter and pressing send on the email seems scary – putting myself out there again, someone please like me!! We think that it’s more likely that I am going to get a job first – so I am trying hard so that we have some kind of income even if it’s piddly.
  • Finally managed to actually hang out with a friend (yay Tami) which makes this move feel more real and not like I am here on vacation. Tami re-introduced me to dollar stores. Oh, yes, they are a good thing. And remind us all that things really are cheaper here. Not just houses but also wine glasses and window cleaner and xmas decorations and everything you could ever ask for.
  • This upcoming weekend I am driving myself alone down to Kitchener to hang out with the girls for the weekend with no husband, baby, dog, or cat. Excellent. However, driving on the 401 for the first time in years may also induce a heart attack; as I said, Mark will update you if necessary!

3 Responses to “”

  1. tami Says:

    too funny! i will also be in kitchener this weekend! we’re so glad to have all of you back in canada!

  2. Jamie Says:

    So, you gonna apply for a job in Stouffville?? Think of the experience you’ll have!!


  3. Gabby Says:

    I had a similar dream about our new home. In fact we’ve bought a 2 year old house in a new subdivision in Strathroy with a fairly small garden. However, the house won us over and since we’re not terribly keen gardeners, it seemed silly to go for something with a larger lot where the house wasn’t to our taste.

    Have fun in Kitchener/Waterloo! It’s a great place and holds lots of happy memories for me as it’s where Martha and I first met. We got back there often as we have relatives there too.

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