Friday, November 24, 2006

So we’ve entered into price negotiations about this house that we like. We visited it again yesterday and compared to everything else we’ve seen, it is the one we want. However, we aren’t counting on getting it. The good thing is that there are several other houses for sale in the same area, also walking distance to the train, and I think we are going to end up around there – but just possibly not in that particular house.

Despite the fact that it should be fate! It’s a British expat family who owns it with a son named Oliver!! Come on, give it to us! Okay, stop the insanity. I don’t even believe in fate.

Anyway, I think there is comfort in knowing there is a location that we both like, and that there are a few houses for sale in that area that meet the criteria and price. Mark requires grandness in space and land as he rebels against his UK lifestyle. And I require not living completely rurally again, and this place meets our needs we think.

So I am not going to worry about it. I have a job interview to completely freak out about anyway. Nothing to wear! They are going to think I am an amateur! I have baby brain that doesn’t work anymore!


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  1. Gabby Says:

    As much as we had some bad experiences with house buying here, I think the process overall is MUCH nicer than the UK – none of that horrible gazumping business!

    We’re so happy to be moving to a house that is miles nicer than anything we could afford in the UK…I wouldn’t say I’m rebelling against the UK lifestyle, but there are certainly things we could learn from our North American neighbours!

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