Monday, December 4, 2006

To-do list for the next 4 weeks:

  • Make the switch from formula to cow’s milk (hurrah, less money spent).
  • Get him to stop drinking milk from bottles (he drinks water from a cup very well at meal times now – however, if I let him hold it he enjoys pouring it all over himself, and I never had any luck with sippy cups…help).
  • Plan for the Great Dummy Take Away of 2007 (coming to a cinema near you in January).
  • Organise a first birthday party that primarily consists of adults.
  • Figure out the Christmas present balance between not buying enough for him as I’m cheap and my parents have already cleared Toys R Us empty, and buying too much because it’s the one time of year he gets stuff, because of his unfortunate birthday.
  • Also, begin some kind of programme so we can catch up on all the areas he’s seriously lagging behind on – 2 hours a day of training him to say Mama and Dada, to start (okay, I am kidding, but Babycentre emails freak me out).

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  1. Lisa Says:

    Jack was never fond of the non-spill variety of sippy cups (I think they’re too hard to work). Maybe try another variety that has a little spout, but isn’t non-spill. Tommy’s do a good one – it’s the size of a mug and has two handles.

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