Friday, December 8, 2006

The good:

  • I have an interview with a part of the Ontario government I’d love to work for next week (decent pay and benefits, stability, policy and program development, I am literally salivating)
  • Mark has a second interview with a couple of VP’s for a job in his sector next week (they are obviously interested), and also has interest from another major employer
  • I am slowly making dents in Christmas shopping requirements

The bad:

  • I feel like death today as Oliver spent half the night awake (for the first time in sooooo long – god it hits hard when you forget how awful sleep deprivation is) crying for no obvious reason so possibly due to teeth, and I am getting sick on top of that so today is NOT a good day
  • We have given up on house hunting for now – people will put more stuff on the market after Christmas

The ugly:

  • Imagining what it would be like if both Mark and I got jobs that required us to commute to Toronto from Oshawa … 12 hour + days out of the house, 12 hour + days of Oliver in child care, and 12 hour + days of Piper in doggy day care? or something … oh hell, I am so not going to be able to take a job while we are still here. Unless Mark doesn’t get one.

3 Responses to “”

  1. Gabby Says:

    Once again you sound like us!

    Since I got my job it’s been impossible for Martha to think about looking for one, simply because of the drive to London (which is where she would need to look for work now) and putting Audrey in childcare. It’s a chicken and egg situation for sure and the onus is on me as the only breadwinner to make ends meet until it somehow manages to come together.

    Moving closer to work will help, but it still leaves us with that problem and we could really use the extra cash from two incomes since we’re spending a lot of our saved money on the house, money which we’ve been relying upon to get us through the months we’ve had no income at all…

    It’s not like we’re destitute, but we’ll have to watch the pennies for a while until things work themselves out…

    Good luck with the interviews!

  2. Tea & Margaritas in My Garden Says:

    Hope things all turn out good for you !


  3. Tami Says:

    so… how did the interview go?

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