Friday, December 29, 2006

I can’t post the video up here (well, the first problem is I can’t edit the little clips from my camera right now since no computer in this house has a basic Windows Movie Maker program installed…please can I buy a Mac soon??), but we have a kid who walks now.

He started off doing about 6 steps between bits of furniture about 2 weeks ago, and then promptly stopped for a few days. Mark declared ‘today he officially walks!’ (I think it was like the 17th of December or something) but I wasn’t so sure what was considered actually walking.

Anyway, since then, since a week away in Ottawa, we’ve come back with a way more confident walker able to go lengths of about 6 – 10 feet without falling over or grabbing on to something. He’s loving it. I put him on the floor at Old Navy today, just let him walk around for a bit and he was in absolute heaven.

Also in the last few days? When he doesn’t get something that he really wants (e.g. he was really tired when we were packing the car to come back from Ottawa and he wasn’t being put in his car seat or in bed fast enough), he throws an actual tantrum. Like with abrupt screaming, head banging and feet kicking. I thought those were for 2 year olds?!?! It’s hilarious right now. I don’t think it will be funny soon, or if it starts happening all the time in public.

So in 2 days we have a one year old on our hands. Crazy. Trying not to have hospital flashbacks right now.

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