Friday, December 29, 2006

So I am feeling a little calmer about things. It probably helps that I just bought myself some really nice work-appropriate clothes in the Boxing Day sales. Nothing like retail therapy to make me feel wonderful. Seriously, actually, Mark has pointed out that he asked about flexible working hours in his interview so we may be able to sort it out so that at least Oliver will see one of us for a few hours each day. I have absolutely no problem with him being in daycare. I think it will probably be good for him actually (god knows we aren’t teaching him enough). But 12 hours a day of daycare makes me feel like I am the worst parent in the world – because basically we wouldn’t be his parents. So 8 hours of daycare (hopefully, with some arranging) will be okay. This is why we need to move as soon as possible – the commute from here really is too much, it makes the day too long, with all the other responsibilities that we have. I want to work, I want this to work. But my head is starting to spin from thinking about it all again…

Christmas in Ottawa was nice as usual, with lots of my family gathered, excellent Grandma food, and lots of gifts. I have some beautiful stainless steel and copper pans waiting for a kitchen, and Mark has every James Bond movie ever made (except the new one) on DVD waiting for a home theatre or something. And Oliver has lots of new toys and clothes and books.

Today was Mark’s 41st birthday – he chose Red Lobster for dinner so he could have a giant plate of crustaceans dripping with garlic butter and such. Oliver went mental for their cheese biscuits (god, so much salt in them). We’re going to see the new Bond movie tomorrow night (first time I’ll have been to a cinema in a year). It’s Oliver’s first birthday on Sunday but I am not having a party for him until the following weekend.

A year ago right now I was having some seriously not fun contractions and already at the hospital, so I am going to be very thankful when I put my head on my pillow in a few minutes and have a decent, peaceful nights’ sleep.

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