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Sunday, January 28, 2007

So it seems like everything is falling into place. Story so far: I got my government job, we found Oliver a daycare here while we live temporarily at my parents’ house to start at part time, we bought our house, we started buying furniture. Then on Friday, Mark found out he got his job at the internationally-known transportation firm which shall not be named so he doesn’t get fired, he got his Canadian pilots’ license, we found a new daycare for Oliver for when we move that even feeds him breakfast (bonus!!), we finally managed to have a half decent meal at a chain restaurant (Alice Fazooli’s) and we got a deal on the washer and dryer that Mark wanted. So I sort of thought we were all going to die in the snow on the way home, but it didn’t happen!

And as a bonus we’re finally covered by OHIP as we’ve now been here for 3 months. In 3 months we managed to do all that. Not bad, eh?

Things to do before Mark starts work a week from Monday include buying another car (so we can both get to work), buying another car seat for Oliver, and putting together some kind of military operations schedule so we can survive the following 5 weeks before we move which will enable both of us to get to work on time but also enable someone to drop off and pick up Oliver from daycare. And have dinner and do those everyday things that need to be done. And help poor Piper who is going to be hanging out with the cat in the basement 12 hours a day. We’re going to be relying a lot on my parents in the next few weeks.