Thursday, January 4, 2007

Never say you can’t do something until you have searched the internet to find what you need! Hence, we have video, and yes, it can be edited online. I did this to send to Mark’s family but what the hell, put it on the blog too.

Oliver January 4 2007

Oliver’s ear infection is beginning to subside after 5 days of antibiotic, but I think I have got whatever nastiness started it off. Even my same ear hurts. I think it’s the same ear.

Lots of changes happening all at once around here. Made the switch completely to Homo milk over the holidays. Stopped sterilising bottles and starting to use more sippy cups or normal cups. Started relaxing a bit about salt intake (though not completely) and actually allowing him a bit of sliced ham or similar. Also he really likes hamburgers which is handy on road trips. No hamburgers every day, of course. He doesn’t like road trips like he used to so going to and coming back from Ottawa was a bit hellish.

And big changes like starting day care part time in the next few days, once we pick a provider we like, and moving to full time as soon as his dad gets a job, as my own job starts in a week and a half.

So New Year, new blog look (needed a change), new stuff going on, new moves all the time (today he seems to have conquered going down the stairs without hurling himself off – actually backing down on his tummy). I am exhausted just thinking of everything. How do you people with more than one child do it?!

2 Responses to “”

  1. Suburban Mum Says:

    Loving the new look. And go, Oliver! So sweet! I have a similar video of ST and I still look at it all the time!

  2. tami Says:

    omg he is SO cute! love the video! and i know his grandparents in the UK will be thrilled!

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