Thursday, January 4, 2007

We knew that our stuff had arrived on the ship from England back in mid-December, but I suppose due to the holidays, the moving company only actually contacted us on the 29th to say our belongings were here and we needed to clear them through customs.

Thankfully customs was incredibly easy and despite the fact I was prepared to show them receipts for many items and had about 10 different pieces of evidence about how long I’d been out of the country, he didn’t want to see any of it and everything was stamped in a matter of minutes.

So today the moving company delivered everything to a storage unit fairly near my parents’ house. We managed to rescue Oliver’s cot out of it, but not a lot else. The movers weren’t that descriptive with their packing notes so I have no idea where my shoes are. I could really use some shoes right now. Oh well, gotta go shopping. They didn’t pack the storage unit that well either so if we want to access any of it, we’ll need to unload the whole thing and repack it. At least it appears to have arrived intact.

I start work on the 15th (I think – have talked to my new boss but things are not entirely confirmed yet) and we are interviewing home day care providers tonight and tomorrow night. Tonight’s is bilingual, she does everything in English and French, which we like the idea of. Mark has a formal interview next week for the job he’s already sort of informally interviewed for, and we think he’ll be starting that (barring him completely bombing the interview) position by the end of the month.

We’re going back to our preferred town to look at houses again tomorrow. I am so desperate to find somewhere. My criteria of needing to be walking distance to a town centre has kind of gone out the window as I won’t even be there to need it, what with working downtown Toronto. I am sticking to being in a neighbourhood, however, as I won’t live in the middle of nowhere again. This means we are actually seriously considering a bungalow that we saw before. I never thought I would live in a bungalow as I’m not yet 80 years old, but it does have it’s advantages. Living on one floor when you have a toddler (a toddler! not a baby!) is very appealing.

And for Saturday, I have to plan and pull off a birthday party for mostly adults but also a wide age range of kiddies (like 1 month to 5 years old). And I’m sick and I feel like death, have caught whatever lurgy Oliver has had and it’s like there’s a bomb in my sinuses. Fun fun.

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  1. Sueellen Says:

    Glad to hear your things arrived safely. Good luck with the house hunting and hope the birthday party went well.

  2. Sandy Kerr Says:

    The party was fun, food was great and Oliver his usual ‘gotta luv him’ self! I’m so glad I was there Em! xo!

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