Monday, January 15, 2007

Let’s just ignore the whole house thing for now, until the surveys and inspections and blah blah blah are all sorted out and it’s more in the clear. Okay? Thanks! But thanks for the nice comments!

Anyway, back to today.

I am right now sitting on a fence, that on one side involves packing everything in, going to my boss tomorrow and telling her she’s made a terrible mistake and so have I, because clearly I am a fraud who is in way over my head not just because I don’t understand all the acronyms that everyone speaks in. And so I quit and I can never get a decent job in this province again once I am really ready to go back to work. And then there’s the other side of the fence that involves jumping into this job with my entire being because it’s hella cool that I get to buy my Tim Hortons in the provincial legislative assembly building (I’ll let you know what all the politicians like in their cups) and there’s a wicked canteen from which I ate a spinach with spiced beef and strawberry salad for lunch and everyone was really nice to me AND I am going to be working on something really interesting that I don’t have any experience in. And added to this is the supreme mummy guilt that involves (a) not seeing Oliver except to put him to bed tonight and (b) actually not really missing him that much today because I kind of like wearing jewellery and not having stains on my clothes and talking to adults.

It doesn’t help this fence sitting when it took me THREE HOURS door to door to get there this morning. Thanks weather. Thanks for the freezing rain on my first day, where I was an hour and 10 minutes late. Thankfully I have an understanding new boss. The commute on the way home was so much more bearable, it seemed quick. It’ll be about 30 minutes quicker once we move in March. I have to remember that.

I have a mega headache. I need to go to bed. I haven’t been sleeping (house buying and going back to work after 13 months off in one weekend?? stress!!). All I did today was read policy documents and reports and play with Outlook. It was boring. I hope for a better tomorrow. Or for Mark to get a job that pays 50 gazillion dollars a year and I will sit on the couch with my feet up and pay a little attention to the kid and forget being a civil servant.

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