Saturday, January 20, 2007

Of course, it becomes difficult to blog about the kid when I actually barely SEE the kid anymore, let alone note his progress. He’s acting a bit cheekier than normal, no doubt picking up stuff from the other kids at daycare, but otherwise pretty normal. He’s had a pretty abrupt shift in routine and handled it pretty well. He’s definitely chattier – I knew that a major positive of him being in childcare would be that he would have to progress on the language front. He’s getting more and more adept at opening and closing different kinds of cupboards and drawers, than until now didn’t attract his attention (the pots and pans cupboard in the kitchen is an old favourite; the new things were ignored until recently). I gave him some food in a bowl today and he actually picked the food out of it rather than just pouring it down his front or on the floor. Our little quality time these days is pretty much spent chasing him around the house, stopping him getting into trouble, having a few laughs and then putting him to bed.

One thing – he’s got the craziest nappy rash I’ve ever seen right now, poor sore bum and I am confused as to why it’s happened, so the pharmacist today recommended anti-fungal cream. I never would have thought of putting athlete’s foot cream on his ass but what the hell. We’ll see if it works.

And maybe when I see him for a while next weekend, I’ll have more to say! It sort of feels like I don’t even have custody except for weekends in a way.

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