Thursday, February 1, 2007

Lisa’s been talking about the need for a good burger. Coincidentally, I discovered today that my work canteen does a pretty damn good hamburger – clearly made by them and not from a package. The fries were okay, too. Great, but not so great really.

My problem is this – that burger and fries were a good $2 less than a meal-sized salad is in the same place. My first day here, I had a delicious salad of spinach and beef and strawberries. It cost $8. I can’t spend $8 on lunch every day! What kind of incentive is there to eat a salad for lunch, when my brain is telling me, no, buy the burger / chicken fingers / whatever – they are more substantial and they are cheaper. How much does a salad really cost to assemble?

I gotta get my act together and actually find something I like to eat that I can bring in before I spend my entire income on breakfast and lunch.

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