Sunday, February 4, 2007

I haven’t taken any proper photos in a while, despite having a brand new Canon 5 megapixel we bought in the Boxing Day sales – actually mostly because I had ordered a 2 GB memory card and it took ages for it to be delivered. But it’s here now, and I went picture crazy on Saturday.

So I give you this slideshow on Flickr, fairly representative of a Saturday. And now I’ve got lots of photos to share with relatives in the UK.

Today was fun; we have public health insurance coverage now, so we decided to get him caught up on his immunizations. This kid hasn’t had a jab since he was 4 months old and he ended up with one of the pneumo-meng’s in one arm and his MMR in the other – yes there were screams and tears. But he’s been fine ever since.

And full time every day daycare starts tomorrow, with Mark going to work. I am a lot less stressed about it now though – I think he’s having a good time there. He absolutely loves other kids now, just wants to go and have a chat (babble) with every little person he sees. Will be interesting in 5 weeks when we change daycares, however, how he deals with the abruption of the change, and how he deals with being the littlest one in the junior toddler room!

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