Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Still at home – how crazy is that? I am actually feeling better, I could have gone in today, but we are having a huge snow storm so they told me not to come in again. I am going to do some work at home today, and I have a teleconference to run this afternoon.

Monday, though, Monday was crazy. Or rather I was little crazy. I had a glimpse of what madness must be like as my feverish night, waking and dreaming, consisted of hearing voices, having delusions of grandeur, and also thinking that I must have meningitis or something really bad. Despite taking extra strength Tylenol, my fever kept coming back Sunday and Monday until yesterday I lost the chills and most of the aches. I can’t remember being so sick, other than the time I had pneumonia when we were visiting London in August 1995, except I didn’t know I had it until I got back to Canada.

I’m worried about Mark driving in to work today but he assures me this is what 4 wheel drive is for. I just took Oliver to daycare with 4 wheel drive and I didn’t think it was that fun. At least if he expires today, he gave me some bling for Valentine’s Day before hand! I got a necklace with a circular diamond pendant, something similar to this. So nice. I’ll have to show it off tomorrow when I go in to work finally again.

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