Sunday, February 25, 2007
This kid is a ton of fun lately. His latest favourite thing is pointing. I think pointing was probably a milestone from a long time ago (oh god I just tried to look it up and then I get to find out what else he should be doing now, what else I have to worry about him being behind on – like saying dada and mama, pointing to different body parts…I digress!) but he’s only really gotten into it lately. And for some reason he’s obsessed with a particular pot light in my parent’s house and he keeps pointing at it and laughing when I talk to him about the light.
We were at a furniture store today and yesterday that had balloons up and oh did he have a lot to babble about, and just kept pointing at them too. He’s still stumbling a bit when he walks, but gets better at it and loves it more all the time. He’s also learned how to climb over or throw himself over the obstacles we’ve been using for weeks to keep him contained in a play area…
…no matter the consequences to his noggin! When we move he’ll have his own playroom beside the kitchen with a babygate on it. I can’t decide if he’s going to hate being in there or love it – we’ll see soon enough.

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  1. tami Says:

    I *LOVE* the feet up in the air! He is such a sweetie! The toboganning photos are fab too – Piper jumping around, Oliver’s foot sticking out of the sled… Love it!

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