Sunday, February 25, 2007

Somewhere in the deepest USA, someone will be receiving a fax order and then taking it by hand to an Amish furniture maker, who is going to make a dining room table and chairs for us. How random.

Mark has been obsessed with having a huge dining room table (one of his other Canadian dreams, along with the large plot of land), and we’ve been searching for the right one for weeks. Basically we couldn’t find anything in the major furniture stores – something close at Leon’s but the chairs weren’t right. We found another place that did custom orders, but the price sent us back to Leon’s ready to take anything.

Mark happened to hear an ad on the radio for Amish furniture, and there is an outlet near to my parents’ house. After being indecisive all weekend, we took the plunge and ordered our set this afternoon. I hope it will turn out well – at least we know by what’s in store the quality will be very good. The table will look something like this but darker; the chairs are sort of a slightly more modern mission style. It should be with us in 6-8 weeks, once the company has gotten around not being able to fax or email the builders directly. I didn’t actually really believe they were using real Amish builders until they assured me it was true and offered to show photos of the process. I wonder why they don’t get Canadian Mennonite furniture makers involved?

I had a great week at work because (a) I had 4 free high quality lunches; (b) I got to drive in to Thornhill instead of taking the GO train downtown for 2 days, which was so much better than my normal commute; and (c) I got to see my good friend Jean on Tuesday who was down in Toronto from Sudbury giving a keynote speech at a conference (he’s a teacher who’s done good work on a French literacy project). I never get to see Jean and Michelle as they live so far north (and even lived in Yellowknife for a while) and have two little ones but I hope as we are all in the same province now, we’ll be able to rectify that situation.

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