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Monday, March 26, 2007

I’m at home sick today, though not actually sick, just tired. Really tired. Being up all the time with Oliver sick, and not seeming to have any spare time to just rest left me unable to make it out of bed this morning. He woke me up at 3, and I couldn’t get back to sleep, despite being so tired. I felt like death this morning, but after more sleep, a shower and some sunshine, I am feeling better. But it’s times like this I wish we had stayed in the UK, where my sick leave policy was so generous – I’m technically not even allowed to be off today, I’m just lucky I have a very understanding boss who for some reason hasn’t fired me yet.

So today I have discovered that the dog is being tortured all day. She’s inside while we’re at work, but she can clearly see everything outside – including the antics of a grey squirrel and 2 Canada geese. She just wants to go out all the time. So I decided to accompany her once the sun came out and the storm had passed by (thunder this morning), and took some house photos. I’ve only done the kitchen for inside shots because frankly the rest of the place is just an eyesore. I should be unpacking. Or should I be watching General Hospital?